Eric Beowulf Martinson

Eric Martinson, Ph.D.
I completed the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in December 2007 with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Since then, I have completed several post-doctoral type positions, starting first in Ukraine with a US State Department sponsored Fulbright Fellowship, and ending up most recently in Washington, DC.
Research Interests: Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Computational Perception, Human-Robot Interaction, Machine Learning
Current Affiliation
Toyota InfoTechnology Center, USA - Senior Researcher
Mountain View, CA 94043

Research Videos
Title: Augmenting deep convolutional neural networks with depth-based layered detection for human detection
Authors: Eric Martinson, Veraganesh Yalla
Abstract: Fusing multiple human detection systems together improves cross environment robustness with a mobile robot.

Title: Damage Control for the 21st Century (*** Viewed > 300,000 Times on YouTube***)
Authors: Eric Martinson, Wallace Lawson, Samuel Blisard, Anthony Harrison, J. Gregory Trafton
Abstract: Demonstrating research in human-robot team firefighting.
Title: ROBOT-Busters – Testing the Limits of Multimodal Biometrics
Authors: Wallace Lawson, Eric Martinson, Thomas Apker, Christopher Bradel, Phillip Walker, J. Gregory Trafton
Abstract: The humanoid robot, Octavia, shows off her multimodal person identification skills in this short spin off on a popular TV series.

Previous Affliations (by date)  
(2010-2012) Naval Research Laboratory - NRC Post-Doctoral Fellow
Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence

(2009) HRL Laboratories, LLC – Contractor  

Department of RES and TES Production Technology and Automation

(2000-2007) Georgia Institute of Technology – Ph.D. Student

College of Computing

Mobile Robot Laboratory

(2005-2006) U.S. Naval Research Laboratory - Intern

Navy Center For Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence 

(2003) HRL Laboratories - Intern

(1995-2000) University of California, Irvine – Undergraduate Student

(1998) University of Sydney, Australia - Education Abroad Program